6 - 8 November 2018
Paris - Porte de Versailles - Pavillon 1

A 5-step sensory wellbeing trail

If you think workplace relaxation is all about rest breaks, think again! We’ve devised a unique trail based on the 5 senses to introduce you to 5 fun and effective ways of improving your employees’ quality of life at work. 

A 5-step journey to wellbeing based on a holistic approach for total relaxation. This trail is open to visitors and exhibitors alike, and we hope it will bring you new experiences that you’ll be keen to share with your colleagues at work.


Sound massage therapy harnesses the sound of the didgeridoo and other Zen sounds, such as water. A unique playlist put together by a spa manager will give visitors the experience of sound massage. 
Health benefits:
  • Stimulates vital energy and chakras
  • Improves concentration and creativity
  • Sharpens hearing
  • Harmonises breathing


Our tasty smoothies are made with pedal power alone, using special blenders that spin as you exercise! Everyone can do it, whether they are 7 or 77. Just gently pedal your way to a delicious smoothie, without producing a single CO2 emission.

Sample 3 detox recipes to ensure you get your “5 a day” and boost your health. A fun, quick way to mix a fruit juice!


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, fatigue, low morale, lack of concentration: all these symptoms are very common in winter. Light therapy is the perfect remedy for overcoming the greyness of winter and lifting the spirits. 

Sitting in relaxing armchairs, visitors can discover the benefits of light therapy using special glasses. 

Why use light therapy in offices?

Light therapy is renowned for its many benefits and is mainly used to treat biological clock imbalances. It tackles seasonal affective disorder, keeps the blues at bay and combats the effects of jetlag using scattered light that mimics natural sunlight. 


The O²CHAIR helps to control thoracoabdominal movements during respiration. You will quickly feel the physical and mental benefits of deeper, slower breathing.

The armchair’s integrated tablet guides you through relearning the basic mechanisms and reflexes of breathing to maximise oxygen levels and improve stress management. Once relaxed, you are able to unleash your creative imagination and boost your learning capacity!


The treadmill desk is an innovative product already popular in the USA. It combines an adjustable desk with a treadmill, so you can exercise while you work. Even if you don’t enjoy sports, you’ll love walking at the desk! 

You won’t get tired; you won’t sweat and won’t be short of breath. Health benefits:

  • Boost oxygen to the brain 
  • Reduce your cardiovascular risk 
  • Prevent stress through low-intensity exercise 

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