6 - 8 November 2018
Paris - Porte de Versailles - Pavillon 1


Trophées Expoprotection 2016
Expoprotection brings together 2 panel of 22 experts and end-users to shine the spotlight on the most noteworthy candidates and sector innovations. 

This edition was a frank success with twice the number of applications, comparing to 2014. 80 innovative products and services have been carefully assessed and 4 innovations by sector have been rewarded the 18 October during a press conference at The Hilton Opera, Paris. 

Security & Fire Sector


PIXIEL for NEOSAFE, drone Security Solutions

Automated drone solution for the surveillance and protection of industrial infrastructures and sensitive sites. The system can be installed on-site to strengthen existing security provision, incorporating one or more drones that function effectively as flying cameras, undertaking automated patrols and alarm verifications. The solution, developed by Pixiel Security, offers outstanding safety and reliability and can be adapted to all types of environment.

PIXIEL - Stand J 44 / contact : Stéphane HAMET / 02 51 78 92 00 / stephane.hamet@pixiel.com


STID for STID MOBILE ID, mobile access control solution

Developed using RFID and Bluetooth® Smart technologies, STid Mobile ID® transfers access credentials to Android and iPhone smartphones, either complementing or replacing the traditional RFID badge. The virtual badge offers various ergonomic and intuitive identification modes without compromising security: proximity or hands-free, ‘tap tap’, remote, touch, etc. Offline and online management systems allow data to be stored in-house or with a third party.

STID - Stand N 55 / contact : Mae THOLONIAT / 04 86 91 31 86/ m.tholoniat@stid.com


OPTEX for LASER RSL-2020, next-generation laser scanner

Next-generation RLS-2020 laser scanner makes a high-tech product available at a very affordable price. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the device can be customised and has a vast range of applications. Pinpoint-accurate detection protects the area from security breaches such as intrusion, theft or unauthorised access, while virtually eliminating false alarms. The IP/PoE version can be incorporated into most video management systems (VMS) or PSIM platforms.

OPTEX SECURITY - Stand M 51 / contact : Agnès TREILLON / 04 37 55 50 52 / agnes.treillon@optex-security.com

Special Mention of the jury

VISIOM pour EVOLV, security solution

The security solution developed by Evolv and represented by VISIOM helps to prevent unlawful acts by screening those entering sensitive locations, while needing only minimal deployment preparation and increasing the throughput of  persons scanned. Combining millimeter wave and metal detection technologies, the solution delivers a highly flexible system for detecting firearms and explosives with minimal false alarms.

VISIOM - Stand G91 / contact : Jean-Jacques Métayer / 01 56 45 19 04 / metayer@visiom.com

The Security & Fire Panel

Mickael BETTAN, Head of security department, Monoprix
Philippe BIAUD, Maintenance and security manager, Bouygues Télécom
Patrick GODDARD, Head of Security, INA
Robert GILSANZ, CEO, Elsia
Guillaume GIEN, Security operations and maintenance manager, HSBC
Dorothée HUGUES, Security manager, Natixis
Michel LACOMBES, Fire safety and risk prevention expert, SNCF
Xavier NOEL, Facilities and security manager, Grosbill.com
Sébastien PERRET, Security manager, Orange Stadium, Orange

Occupational, natural & industrial risks Sector


OROSOUND pour TILDE, wireless noise controle earphones

Orosound designs wireless earphones that allow the user to control and customize the soundscape at work. Reduce background noise level, cancel all noise or choose to hear only the voice of the colleague opposite – it's up to you. A real everyday work tool, our earphones eliminate the fatigue and stress caused by noise, minimising psychological risks and occupational hazards, and improving wellbeing and concentration at work.

OROSOUND – Le Hub, village Start-ups / contact : Pierre GUIU / 01 72 60 50 62 / pierre@orosound.com 


CLIC-IT DEHONDT pour CLIC-It PRO 60, patented secure belay systems for working at height

CLiC-iT develops patented secure belay systems for working at height.
The CLiC-iT Pro 60 personal protective equipment comprises a shock absorber with integrated lanyard and 2 forged aluminium connectors incorporating a secured release trigger and opening/closing synchronisation. 

The device can be anchored to a wide range of supports including scaffolding, ladders, cables, pylons etc.

CLIC-IT DEHONDT - Stand H 169 / contact : Emmanuel CHOCHOY / emmanuel.chochoy@clic-it.eu


VIZO pour VIZ-O, head support system

VIZ-O is the first head support system for people who have to work while looking up. It works dynamically by supporting the movement of the head.  Lightweight and ergonomic, it fits all head shapes and is immediately comfortable from very first use. This innovation is protected by two patents.

VIZO - Stand B 164 / contact : Paul BRIANT/ 01 75 58 66 29 / contact@vizo.pro

Special Mention of the jury

MULLIEZ FLORY : intelligent workwear

The companies Mulliez-Flory & altran have teamed up to develop workwear that measures the strain experienced by a person during their daily work.  Technology embedded in the workwear, durable enough for industrial cleaning, uses 10 strain sensors that measure employee posture data in real-time. In this way we can assess the working conditions of the individual, rather than the workplace.

MULLIEZ FLORY - Stand J 106 / contact : Claire BLAIZE / 02 41 63 78 20 / c.blaize@mulliez-flory.fr

The Occupational, natural & industrial risks Panel

Karine BESNIER, Risk prevention manager, FNAC Logistique
Aurélien BOYE, Prevention manager, Eiffage Construction
Gilles COSSON, Fire and Security Division/Business customer service department, AFNOR CERTIFICATION 
Solène GENTRIC, Occupational risks prevention manager, Disneyland Paris
Gilles GOMBAUD, Workplace health and safety inspector, Ministère de l’intérieur
Paul IDRIS, Workplace health manager, Ville de Créteil
Maximilien JAEGER, Prevention, health and safety manager, Bouygues Bâtiment
Jean-Christophe JARYSTA, Workplace health and prevention manager, Renault
Elodie LANCIEN, Prevention and safety engineer, Spie Nucléaire
Julien MANNAI, Prevention manager, Ville d’Antony
Emmanuelle ROULLET, Workplace health manager, DOMUSVI
Philippe SIMON, Health and safety officer, RTE