6 - 8 November 2018
Paris - Porte de Versailles - Pavillon 1

The Ergonomics Village: the work environment meeting place

The Ergonomics Village brings together 23 exhibitors specialising in all fields of ergonomics and occupational health.

Avec Eux :

Understand the impact of technological change on your workplace

Find outabout fixtures and fittings tools and concepts that will revolutionise your daily work

Manage acoustics, lighting, flooring, as well as furniture, work tool and equipment adaptability

Plan collaborative or individual spaces for intense concentration and breakout areas
Choose responsible, eco-friendly workplace management

Exhibitors in the village:

Ace, Affordance, Amaye, Bioswing, Blue Digital LTD, Cinov Ergonomie, Coba Pastics LTD, E Mage M Ton corps, Equilibre, Ergonomie et Conception, Gamba Acoustique, Interstuhl, Loremab, Low ErgoFrance, My Sommeil, Osteo Entreprise, Praxo et Oreka, Preventech Consulting, Saint Gobain Ecophon, Solutions Productives, Stol Comfort France, Usines Gabriel Wattelez.

CINOV at the Ergonomics Village

Visit CINOV at the Ergonomics Village which will bring together the association’s members, partners and unions (CINOV Ergonomie and CINOV Industrie), and a CINOV regional association (CINOV Ile-de-France). 

During the 3 days of the show, come to meet customers, specifiers for your services and colleagues in our shared space.

The talks – #ConfCINOV:

Wednesday 9 November: 
  • 9.45 to 10.30am: “Cleaner air at industrial sites: acting at the source to reduce environmental and economic impact” with Martina Kost, B4E 
  • 4.15 to 5pm: “Effective ways to reduce noise exposure” with Fabien Krajcarz, Gamba Acoustique

CINOV events in the Ergonomics Village

  •  How can augmented reality help prevent occupational risks? Demo with practical examples, with Nina Ayissou, Amaye and Franck Lantres, Wizyoo
  • Design, present and approve your space and workstation planning projects in 3D and in real time, with Pascal Pommier, Oreka Ingénierie and Brice Labille, Praxo

      Contact : Fédération CINOV – communication@cinov.fr

      Ergonomics at work

      Ergonomics, a new priority for companies in protecting employee health and wellbeing. 

      Since the publication of French regulations on good working conditions, ergonomists have seen a dramatic rise in requests for assistance. This is an opportunity for companies to carry out workplace audits and improve their employees’ health and wellbeing. An ergonomics strategy can even be profitable.”


      Ergonomics, overall performance and CSR (corporate social responsibility) 

      (...) also includes the company’s ability to protect its employees’ health and wellbeing, which of course includes their physical and mental health. Overall performance therefore overlaps with the CSR policy, which more and more companies are implementing. At a time of pension reform, these companies must therefore focus on protecting all of their employees, especially older workers, into their retirement.”